Babaite 간호사 의료 약 장 보건부 (Health Heart Luxury Phone Case 대 한 iPhone 8 7 6 6 초 Plus X XS MAX 5 5 초 SE XR 10 건

₩1 735.57
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  • 물자: For iPhone 5 5s SE, For iPhone 6 6s, For iPhone 6s plus, For iPhone 7, For iPhone 7 plus, For iPhone 8, For iPhone 8 plus, For iPhone X or XS, For iphone XR, For iphone XS MAX
  • 유명 상표: Babaite
  • 소매 포장: 아니다
  • 유형: 반 포장 케이스
  • 기능: 먼지 저항하는,Anti-knock
  • 호환성 상표: Apple iPhones
  • 호환되는 아이폰 모델: IPhone XS MAX,IPhone XR,IPhone XS,iPhone 5,아이폰 6S,아이폰 6S 플러스,iPhone 6 Plus,아이폰 7,아이폰 X,아이폰 8,아이폰 se,iPhone 6,iPhone 5s,아이폰 8 플러스,아이폰 7 플러스
  • 디자인: 인용 및 메시지,꽃,귀여운,일반,무늬,동물,Exotic,기하학적
  • 크기: 6.5cm*12.5cm
  • 특징: Soft Transparent TPU Phone Case
  • Sale: Wholesale And Retail Quality
  • Material: Soft Transparent TPU
  • Category: cell phone accessories
  • For fundas iphone 6s 7 8plus: Phone for iphone 6 7 8 5S SE 5 case
  • For iphone 6S plus 7 8 phone cover: COVER for iphone 5S 6S 7 8 X 10 cover
  • For iPhone 5 5s SE phone case: for iphone 7 8 6S PLUS case Fundas Capa
  • Phone for iphone 6 6S plus cover: for iphone 6 6S Silicone phone cover
  • Phone case for iphone X XS XR funda: Phone Case for iphone XR XS MAX 10 cover
  • Item: Nurse Medical Medicine Health Heart Wallpaper
  • Element: Nurse Medical Medicine Health Heart case

  • 유닛 종류: 개
  • 패키지 무게: 0.03kg (0.07lb.)
  • 패키지 크기: 12cm x 18cm x 2cm (4.72in x 7.09in x 0.79in)

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